Working Vacation

Vacation!  Even ‘Orphans’ get a 2-week vacation!  The  ‘camp’ name might have been  ‘Camp Wyman’  – but the girls who wanted to go  – prepared by packing a bag of essentials  –  and pick out a swimsuit, from a donation just for this occasion.

My choice was to spend  the  2-week   ‘vacation’  with my Mother at home, where I would be cutting the grass and washing windows.  Washing windows – an easy job for me, since the window sill was only about 5-foot from the ground (if I fell out), compared to the windows at the “Orphanage”, which were  on he third floor of the building. When sitting 3-stories high – in the window  sill – the window frame better be in good shape  –  or it could be   – “curtains”!  Cutting the grass  – a job no one wants to do! The equipment   – the type  of  ‘lawnmower’ you push back and forth  – in one spot – the blades must be sharpened with a good metal file  – this job does build up  ‘muscles’!

When I returned to the  ‘Orphanage’ – you would have thought I had been in “Florida” – good tan and lots of outdoor exercise  – working on knees and hands – hand clippers –  – you move around like a snail   –   very good ‘Tan’ !

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