Sportsman’s Park

Sportsman’s Park – only if you are old enough – do you remember? Some of the best baseball players,ever! And just in case none of us  “orphans”, said “Thank You”, then, in the  ’40s & ’50s, let me  Thank You,  the generous benefactors providing buses, snacks and a terrific ballgame all free!

As an “orphan” , you did have to be on your good behaviour all the time or be left out  of Special  “Event” outings,  like a “Ballgame”. Trips like these took “Interested People” concerned with what might help  an “Orphan” feel better and do the best he can, in the situation he or she is in. “Nothing  make a person so tall as when bent over to help someone less fortunate up.”

Today, thinking back, of the several trips I was to the ballpark, remembering the team we had, a winning team, all the Sports Activity, we kids had playing  and watching the “Professional Players” just to be up and close and getting  “Autographs, made a lasting impression!    I remember and love it all!

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