Tele Communications

In the  ’40s, we had the best, most reliable, “communications” system going! As a  “kid”, then, got up early, dressed and ready to play or work (work was having to help my brothers get ready). Before I even got outside, I could hear; “Oooh Mary Ellen can you come out and play,  Today?” This was in a sing/song  dragged out  repetition, by my friend,  “Alice”, standing on the sidewalk , in front of our  house.  My Mother  would tell me to kindly let “Alice” know that I would be out soon!

Alice lived a block away, walked to my house, and when I get outside, we are going to walk a couple more blocks and both of us will  start calling, more friends, walking and walking  until enough friends are together to play.

How do you like our, “communication system”,  when we “call you”,everybody on the block knows “us” and “you” and what we are going to do, and where we will be! Now, if your “parents” do not like your “friends”, you can’t go out today?   Let me “tele” you something “we grew up with all that “fresh air,  out doors and exercise.”

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