“Daddy’s Birthday is coming!”

Geo. Raft - look-a-like 001

This is  Denny H. McClarren Sr.,   –   he was still in  the ARMY  – and before he ever came to Missouri  –  and before he married  my Mother!

When  Daddy   had finished his three stints in the Army – he was traveling on a train from California to Missouri and the next destination to his home in OHIO! While traveling on the train – he met some of the family relatives   – the FLEMING  cousins – to my Mother  – and in a get-to-gather – to welcome “HOME” all the boys in the service – who were friends  – there was a party  and of course my Mother  – a most beautiful young lady  – was introduced  – and  the rest  of the story in now “HISTORY!”

The above picture of Daddy looks a little like  –  “George Raft” a movie star  – that my Mother liked  – and who was a terrific  dancer – but I guess when I was in High School – I told my Mother that  – I thought Daddy looked like “Clark Gable” – – and in fact –  if you ever watch the movie “Any Number Can Play”  – my Daddy could pass for “Clark Gable!” Something about the way they move and especially when you see them smoke – they could pass for twins – they were both born in Ohio and near each other  – so  maybe  – we can just guess??? Their birthdays are just a day or two apart – 

“So  – here is wishing  – DADDY a Happy Birthday  –  that would be on 02-02-12  – and lots of fun – where ever you you are???”

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