Friend of Daddy’s – 10/19/1913



This picture has only the date  o f – 10/19/1913 –  – the young man  was in the Army with  my Dad   – and so I have to think that my Dad is taking this picture.

Since my father had this  photo in his album  – next to some  of himself  –  after he was injured in the Philippines  – this could be  where this photo was taken?

The photo-album that my father had was purchased in the Philippines  – as it has all kinds of special embossing on the outside cover – making it so enticing to just  want to look and study  the cover.  Also, my Dad had a keen eye for the ladies  – and has some beautiful photos of the women that were in and near  the barracks – where he was stationed. Some of the photos are done up in oil or some  special coloring system – they look as good as the photos you wold have made here  – at a Photography shop – today.

If someone has or knows of someone who was in the Army  – way back then – and may know who the above  young man  is   –  be sure to leave your comment – and if you want to see other pictures of people who are in the album – let me know – as there are plenty. I am happy that the Almighty took good care of all  our young men – who serve in the different areas  of  conflicts and even in the Wars  – – – to make America safe and free for  – –  – all  of us at home!


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