“Encouragement” – Pass “IT” – Around!

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Today…”Encouragement” is the good word! 

Seems to me – that everyone is selling a course on “HOW to DO” something better… than you ever did “IT”  before – – but – – my thoughts… and they are FREE –  – a very  good – kind … with care and warmth- –  energetic  and helpful word  – with a firm    readiness to pitch in… while helping  – – works wonders in my book.

Did you ever  try observing others in a crowded  room?? Did you notice –  – that there is often… someone doing something – and is having problems – they continue and continue –  and are getting  absolutely  “NO WHERE” fast! The room is just full of people – most looking and  hoping to not make eye contact – as if they did – they would feel –  that they should offer to help – so they will look… without really looking.

Have you ever been in such a surrounding such as that above – and then … you will just think –  – “OH!  well… it will not  hurt me to give them a helping hand… and before you can stop yourself – – you find that is just what you are doing!”   “Here you are…knee deep… doing something you never ever dreamed  – –   you are actually helping somebody – – a  somebody you do not even know!”  “NOW… you are getting some… real  good feelings about …”YOURSELF”  – the feelings… that you are getting… are making you feel so good – – YOU are wondering…WHY in the world  – – haven’t I done this before??”

If we can “encourage” our selves to do something good – – for another – – we will soon find – that someone is right beside us… and they are encouraging “US” in such a way – that we are getting further ahead in all of  our new undertakings – – seems that one good improvement here – furthers “US” along  – also – in  even much greater ways… than we could have ever expected!

That’s why I have the “Psalm 139” posted for TODAY… “click on it”  to be able to read it… or check out your  own BIBLE… – this is one of my favorites –  – “IT” is all about us…  When You stop to think  – that there was a plan for YOU… way back and before – – any kind of Creation…took place – – so why not work on the theory –  – that YOU were made for greater things  – – than YOU are presently doing – – and as each of us – are in the same boat… why not give a helping hand – here and there… and at the same time  – – without even  spending a dime –  start earning more rewards – – so someday – you will find  that – you have great “TREASURE” waiting for  YOU …with the new citizenship with  your Creator …and for all of eternity!

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