“Halloween Out-fits” – “I Want to WEAR…”


This “PHOTO” is really two Photos…taken in the same room…just  close enough… for  that  healthy plant… to be a connector…so that I could place together…and now it looks like one “TERRIFIC PHOTO”  of my “GRAND-Daughters” dressed so cute… that I wish that I could dress as the little mouse on the left – – which is  “MISS  Jaime Aldrich” … and if ever again… that I could have a chance to wear a “Bride’s Gown” – –  I only wish that I could look as sweet as a “BRIDE” as “MISS  Alyssa   Aldrich” – – and these are “HOME-MADE” out-fits…which are  always rated  with an “A PLUS” in my book!


“For HALLOWEEN… How would you like  these two special  and very well dressed “Halloweeners ” show up at your front door …for a treat ??”

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