“Happy Birthday…Sister Mary Alvira”


“Happy Birthday to Sister Mary Alvira… and her Birthday is on October 31st…which is… also…  HALLOWEEN!”

Sister Mary Alvira is the NUN sitting on the left of this photo…enjoying an ice cream cone on the Anniversary …a celebration taking place at the German St. Vincent’s Orphan Home.

The NUNS did not pose for pictures…way back when I was a small child at the Orphanage…but today you see more  and more photos of the NUNS… but for me   NOW…  Sister Mary Alvira   has passed on to her greater reward – – and it is too late to get photos that would be more current.

The above photo is a good likeness of Sister Mary Alvira…as I remember her. When… I was  a very little girl  – –  and at the HOME – I really did not like her…but –  – many years before I came to this HOME… she  and her four other sisters were placed in the same Orphanage…I think that there Mother  had died… and their  Father  had no way to take care of them – so they were ORPHANS…and four of these  five girls did decide to join the Sisters of Christian Charity – so that they were a part of the Orphanage most of their lives.

Sister Mary Alvira was the youngest of these girls and was a teacher of the  5th and 6th grades … at the time…that – –  I came to live here. One of the other siblings –  – Sister Mary Emeline also came to serve as a NUN in the Orphanage…and was in charge of the Boys’ Dining Room… and I was assigned to work for her… and she was so nice and kind …that I became   a very good friend of her’s for LIFE. Just because Sister Emeline was a blood sister of Sister Mary Alvira – – I changed my way of thinking about Sister M. Alvira – – and she also… became a  very good friend…until the day that each of them passed on to the eternity… that they were each  in hopes of going  too… some day.

My memories are good of each of these sisters…who also became  “SISTERS” in the same convent!


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