Dune Buggy 001

When it  “SNOWS” – what do you do???

Make sure the kids…and BIG KIDS – bundle up in the warmest of warm wear – – and let them go.  When they… have had enough – they will soon be in – and asking for some “HOT CHOCOLATE” – and sit  by  the warm FIRE PLACE – and tell all about the FUN…that were were doing in their SNOW-mobile – – – doing ‘DO-NUTS’ – – and if you were inside by the window looking out –  you could hear them  yelling  to the high heavens –  –  that they were having so much FUN!

Well… with the terrific  SNOW fall last night – – all the kids that could…were at SUNSET PARK.  Parents were pulling some small kids up the hill on their sled – – and lots of other children were getting ready for a very fast …fun full sled ride done…and yelling all the way  – – I think that the yelling louder… than anyone else…  means you are having more FUN…than the rest of your friends!

Well… it is afternoon – – and the early birds  – all have… had their FUN – and with their parents – got a warm ride home. There may still be some SNOW and ICE out there – – but you have more FUN early in the day – – as the early bird – up and did it – – NOW is on their  phone… to call the  good friends – the ones who missed out …on TODAY’s SNOW DAY off from school – but were able to make it to SUNSET PARK…for FUN and GAMES.

Sorry for those who missed a good FUN in the SNOW DAY – – but one never… knows – another – one –   may be just around the corner.  SEE you all soon  – then!

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