This Photo…could be at  least – 140 years old…so and  if…  I did not get to post this PHOTO – –  NOW – –  just  got to thinking …that it – – just after   more time… pass   on to  the  WORLD  of no return – – well…  and then…  you just would  miss out … not  ever getting    to see  this “prize”  photo …  of one of  the little “BRADY” boys!

In the  “Thomas F. Brady” family…my MOTHER  was the  thirteenth    child  and the “lucky last one” to survive for some seventy years. The brothers were the first to be born – then  one girl came along… our Aunt IRENE BRADY- RILEY… and then another boy PHILL – – then the last… my MOTHER.

The reason for the order of births – – is that the   “BRADY BOYS”   married and moved out of the FAMILY HOME – so…  some things that  were  left behind after their leaving HOME… were saved by the parents and as my MOTHER grew older – – some of the left behind items were boxed up and saved even longer – – and no one seem to want them – but they continued to be saved.

So…after all of the saving of stuff… “memorabilia” – – I did come along…  and  did look through a lot of these saved items – especially…when we were moving. At different times… I did ask my MOTHER about all these PHOTOS and as to “who”  they were and what they did…and  how they were all related – – and never wrote any of this important   information down. Just thought that I would be able to remember…  every thing… forever???

No one …has a perfect memory – – as we are all making NEW  memories as TIME fly’s by  – and all the old stuff …about the old people …that  we never  ever did get to meet – they  all pass away so nicely –  and no one KNOWS … and – – who cares???   I do care… and often wish that  “IF” my  MOTHER would have married sooner – – I would have been  here – and maybe would have been able to meet all of the BRADY FAMILY.

 But…that is  LIFE… we get here…when it is so ordained and not before – – so I am making the best of this  “old PHOTOS”  situation – and what I can remember  – – well… that is all that I can pass on – just in case… there are some others  – – who might think that they are related – – as there were lots  and lots of cousins  and married related people that  – – due to the distance in years – – in some members  of the FAMILY – -starting  their FAMILY   too late to find all those other ancestors – that are  OUT there…but who can find them???

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