“February 29th, 2016…”


“The rest of the  STORY…. from February of 1946…”

My  younger brothers… DENNY  and TOMMY  and myself  were in the German St. Vincent’s Orphan Home…because my Mother needed a place for us to stay – – while she went to the hospital  – – to give birth to our sisters …which were twins…   KATHLEEN and EVE KAREN  McClarren.

Since we  each are  a  year apart in age – – each of  us was in a different grade in school. I was in the third grade – DENNY was in the second grade – – and TOMMY was in the first grade. Also… in those days  – – the MOTHER – Superior of the Orphanage would visit each class-room – – when the report cards were to be given out and there was a “REWARD SYSTEM” attached to the grades that you received.

Still…today – – when someone does something  – which to me seems to be superior to  that which  is expected…I always say…”You deserve a “GOLD STAR” on your report card, because – –  back in the day – when I was a kid – we received fifteen cents for each GOLD STAR!”  So the “GOLD STAR”  was given for grades 95 to 100 – – and a “SILVER  STAR”  worth ten cents was  given  for grades  90 to 94 – – and the STARS… RED and BLUE were worth five cents and for the grades 80 to 89. So…if you could – – you did put forth the extra effort to earn a few nickles and dimes.

Another occasion…from time to time…”MOTHER  ERENTTRUDE ALTHOEFER”  (Sister of Christian Charity) would make the rounds to the classrooms and she would enter the classroom with someone at her side that would set up a table with “PRIZES” – – and these were for special recognition. So this is the rest of the “STORY” about the picture frame and picture of the little girl on her knees  and the two ANGELS –  titled “HER PRAYER” – which when I saw that on display – – wanted  it for my baby sister.

During the HOLIDAYS – – my  little brother, TOMMY – – was taken to each classroom to recite…”Twas the NIGHT before CHRISTMAS” – and part of his make-up  and that is from the day he was born – – – is that of being an “ENTERTAINER” – in that he knows the words of everything and if singing or reciting something… he is on “STAGE” – – hands and face and every movement  is full of joy  with added flair.

AT that time he had been entertaining  everyone and  in those days it was like seeing a “LIVE STAGE SHOW” – so TOMMY was allowed to have first pick of all these items that were to be given out  as trophies.  Since…  I had spited the “HER PRAYER”  – – knew TOMMY could pick that as his “PRIZE” – I ask him to select that “PRIZE” –  and who received prizes after that … who remembers – — I was just so happy that we had the best of gifts – that we could give to our MOTHER when she would come out to see us on “VISITING SUNDAY”   – a special gift to hang  on the wall  above the baby’s crib!

To have a “Guardian ANGEL” is what I grew up with  and we always said the “GUARDIAN ANGEL” prayer – – in our morning and night time prayers and I feel it is very important to remember – – that as we go through LIFE – – we need guidance and the ALMIGHTY will send that guidance if we will… but – –  only  “Ask.” Just today was reading “MATT 18:10” – “for I say unto you –  that in heaven their ANGELS do always behold the face of my FATHER, who is in heaven.”

So… with that verse from the BIBLE – I believe that the Almighty is sending us HELP – – if only we will ask?  D.V.


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