“School Children take AIRPORT TOUR”


School children just love to visit different places…as their “Field Trips” with their teachers along to  explain all of the new and different things  – – in the specif place visiting – – as each business offers so much more  – –  than some others – – and “WOW” – “WHAT fun it is to go and visit  the local AIRPORT!”

Each group of children get to sit on bails of hay  – – set up in the trailer attached to  the tractor – – which is used to care for the grounds – summer time  all the grass needs to be cut – – and during the winter months … when it  will snow – –   all   the run-ways need to be cleared – – so that the airplanes can take off and land – –  but NOW… to make for a comfortable ride and trip for the children to see and visit all the various  areas of the AIRPORT.

The children have a marvelous time getting an  up close look at … and into some airplanes – – into hangars where the airplanes are kept – – and into the school room for  and where the “Sky-Divers” learn the rules of  – – “falling out of a perfectly  good airplane” and be able to land on the ground… all without  breaking their bones!

Some of the children that made the visit to the AIRPORT – – took home for their parents – special invitations  – – that their child can come back in the FALL – for a special party for the children and their parents – – since some of the pilots would be offering  FREE RIDES – – but parents had to go along – some children may or may not feel comfortable up in an airplane – and only the parents would be able to make that decision.

We also offered  Pilot Training Lessons – – for those young people – as some wanted to start as soon as they could – – so as to be  doing   something that if they waited – – would be  sidetracked  – – and maybe lose the opportunity to their  best dream – – and that is to  “Fly up and above the Clouds” – – the best place to be!

Airport owner and manager  – Al Aldrich – –  also…  – driver – tour guide – with all the answers – – and daughter, ALYSSA – in his arms – learning the ropes – – as good lessons that you learn early – – stay with you forever.

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