“Let’s FLY…NOW!”


If you want to learn to FLY and have FUN – – “LET me show you how to do it  NOW!”

This is Al Aldrich  – – and there are a lot of “LOOKERS” – – but in the looking are afraid that they can not FLY – – since they are just ol’ fraidy-cats???

Just watching   “A l Aldrich” take off and  FLY   all around the AIRPORT – – makes one think  – –  that they can do it too – – but when It comes to sitting in the  “Pilot’s seat” – – all of that “get up and go” – just went! – – Just watching someone do all kinds of maneuvers in the air – – seems that anyone can do – – – but without that special “NERVE” –  – “OH  Well” … – so many give up – – just at the moment – –  that the crowd is thinking that a NEW FLYER  is going up and show off – –  what he can do!

“Catch your breath… and come out to the AIRPORT – – so we can  all have lots of FUN!”

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