“HOW HIGH…Is He Going?”


“Looks like there is – –   NO STOPPING Al Aldrich – – he is on a real “ROLL” – – and…   that is to entertain the crowd!”  How  “HIGH” can one go on one of those small  “Twirly Birds”

 Easy to do and lots of  FUN – especially if you can ride a  bicycle  – – build your own “mini helicopter  – -right there in your garage.

There are many  energetic “hobbyists –   and some of us are very handy with the most basic of tools – and with some good friends and or neighbors – – who also …  like to  FLY – –  can – –  in maybe 500 hours can build a very basic   “Mini-Helicopter” – – and  then …  take  the final  “Mini-BIRD” completed  with a special “name” that you have christened your  new  design  copter – – head out with friends – –   to an AIRPORT – –  near-by… for a first  testing out?” – And…a celebrating “PARTY”…   afterwards!

So many of our enterprising hobbyists who wanted recreational rotary-wing flight  – – have formulated plans and  with good preparation – have made a first class business for more like-minded pilots  – who want some great FUN – but  –  with  a much lower up front price. 


Take you choice – – – so many “Flying Hobbyists”  came in for an entire weekend to show off their special craft –  – and  – –  did  even  more  – – taking turns  – – entertaining in the “Beautiful Blue Sky”  – – and everyone with  cameras – – well – – just so busy taking  lots of pictures –  – so many while the chance to get them – – as it is not everyday – that you have such special “talent” – – doing what they do best!  – – “FLY” and  – “Fly with FRIENDS!”

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