“Whatever you want to do, DO IT NOW.   There are only … so many tomorrows.”  —–  MICHAEL  LANDON

Sometimes in LIFE… you are led to pick up something – –  and read it. That is what I had just done the other day … the above “QUOTE” by  “MICHAEL LANDON” was on the bottom of this  one  page ad  – –  of a local store’s ad – – as they have “QUOTES”  – –  with each weeks’ ad  – – all very good  – – but does anyone take the time to read???

Looking at the ad and ready to dispose of the paper – –   first  – –  cut the above “QUOTE” – without even reading.  I have been cutting these “QUOTES” for quite some time – – as I have plans  to make a game  – – with these – –  so I very seldom take the time to read. This sales ad was only a one sheet – – so I just set this single “QUOTE” at my place to read later  – on the dining room table.  So… this   morning with my breakfast…  I decided to read this lonely  “QUOTE” – – – and after reading – – –  realized…why this was  by itself – – for me to read NOW!

Of all the people in the world – “MICHAEL LANDON” – –  his name  – has meaning to me. When the whole world received the NEWS of  his pending  health problems  – “PANCREATIC CANCER” – –   when someone gets word of a FAMILY MEMBER – – having that same disease – – they know  –  that – – they  have a death sentence – – a very short time to live.

My sister,  “KAREN  SCOTT” – – received  NEWS  – –  around  “THANKSGIVING of 1995” and the end of January 1996 – – just two weeks before  “KAREN’s”  Fiftieth   BIRTHDAY” –  she died.   Evidently    there is nothing that can be done??? I do not know…  if there is any real medical help – – today… not hearing anything in the NEWS – – of a cure – – but – — – when you hear that “DEATH SENTENCE” – – “It’s OVER!”

So… after reading  “MICHAEL’s  QUOTE” – –   “Whatever you want to do.  “DO IT NOW” – – – right here I must add… “IT IS ONLY TODAY!” – Forget about –  even thinking –  that you will do it tomorrow  – – there is no such day! I never heard anyone say… Sure glad this is tomorrow – as I have so many things planned for it – – NOW  …  where do I begin – let’s see – – 10 years ago I said  that I would add a room to our house – so I have that  – and 5 years ago –  I was going to paint the house – – – and only yesterday –  – I put off taking the children to the PARK – – so which is to be done  …  NOW???”

Just think about  “SAVING  TIME”  – – so that…  later  on…  that is when I will  have more TIME – to do this “project” – –  “Where is all of that “SAVED-UP-TIME” – – I sure  do want to put – –   some of it – –  to good use… NOW!”

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