For  “EARTH DAY” – —

To be able to “SEE” – – the REAL WONDERS of the WORLD – – is a wonder  – – above all the rest!

In order to  “CELEBRATE”  EARTH DAY – – you do need your FAMILY and FRIENDS – – so that  … You can  SEE them – – You can  HEAR  them – – –  You can  TOUCH them – – – You can TASTE all the good things that we love to share at our meals  with FAMILY  and FRIENDS – – –  You can  FEEL  the new LIFE  and share  the LOVE  of NEW  and  all the extended  FAMILY and FRIENDS – – – – and YOU can celebrate LAUGHTER  with lots of LOVE – – as we continue to celebrate  passing all this LOVE – – one generation to the next generation.

We all do need to take good care of   “ALL”  the CREATOR gave to us on this EARTH – for our pleasure  – – and  all done with LOVE in the sharing from this generation to all of the generations…to follow … It is  LOVE – – that we share…forever!


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