“Work 24/7 – Night Shift”

Have you ever “WORKED” the  “NIGHT SHIFT” –  – and then the first thing in the morning – – be at COLLEGE –  and the topper of the day… your first class was  Physical Ed?

One never knows… why the things we do – – put us in positions that – – if we were really planning – – surely we would have made better plans. It was not until I was in COLLEGE – – that –  I finally did learn  “HOW TO STAND ON MY HEAD!”

Just think about it – – work all night –  then drive miles to COLLEGE – – change into my GYM clothes – – and as …  tired … as I might be – – well –  forget that –  – there I am standing – – on my head! – and  NOW I KNOW the correct way to get up – – balanced  correctly … and NOW if ever I have to stand on my head – – I have that lesson in LIFE  … mastered.





That is the “BOSS” –  winding her chair till it is the right height – –  guessing that her name is “FRANKIE”  and then next to her  a good friend “MARY MURPHY” – – have another photo of her at the door… at Christmas time – – – all decorated and wishing everyone a “MERRY CHRISTMAS”  – – and if you look through the different “POSTS”  – you will see her – – and the next lady is another “MARY” – – but her last name can not remember – – and when I put this camera down – – I will  be sitting at the next position – – and depending on the night – – we may and or we might not be too busy.

This is  way back… when …  you had to dial “OPERATOR” to be connected to most telephone numbers – – and when there  were  “COIN  BOX PHONES” – – and lots of them all over – almost every business would have one or more depending on the traffic through their business. –  “YOU are looking at the way it was sixty years ago!”

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