“From the WORD…FREEDOM!”

Is “FREEDOM” here in “AMERICA” – – for all?

Today …   that is…  in   AMERICA… we are into our “FEELINGS” – –   that is … for our “SELF”  only  and always  FIRST…  we FEEL  – – that we do not have  that  which… we see people on “TV” having…  and having so much of it… that we feel … that we somehow … missed out…   and begin to wonder…  WHY?

We also see … and so…  right there in your FACE – – so much crime and out-right aggravation – – one to another – – and all for the greed of those making the movies – – and… when  we  take  all of this  – – into our simple brains – – and with the constant…  re feeding of this junk  – – we soon start acting out  – –  just as if  – – that is the way to go – – with our LIFE – – and after trying out all of   this    forbidden fruit … coming from the great deceiver – – the “ONE” who rules this world- –  but…  only for a TIME – – are now forced to  “FEEL”  like giving up – – of  all the early  and correct teaching , that we did receive…  when we small children. 

What are we waiting for???    Would  there  even be  someone… that you can think of – –  someone that  is strong enough to stand up…  and… work  against all of this down-grading of the human body  – – who.. when… why… have we  ever… allowed  an enemy   to so …  weaken our original system in AMERICA –  – – that  the “Fore-Fathers” did set up a very  good   system – of “Balances and Checks” – – so that this government  does not go into some lopsided position – – that it is falling into and  that will eventually turn AMERICA  – into a “third-world”  Country –  – – to where we will all find “Rot and Ruin” – – and – – –   Today…  we do not even have the “TEN COMMANDMENTS” – that would help us to know right and wrong- – and may be  put  us … on  to the  RIGHT ROAD!

John 8:32

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


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