“Waiting for your R.S.V.P.”


“My special “BIRTHDAY”  Invitation… just for YOU!”

Alan working 001

“As you can see…  Alan is personally … making all of his “BIRTHDAY PARTY”   Invitations – – each one is a real “keep-sake” – – as each invitation has a very special message just for the person receiving.”

Just so you will know… Alan has each invitation marked with different numbers and phases on them – – as we will be   playing games – – that need some special “winning information” – – and that   little extra info. – – will help you  to  WIN – – if you were smart enough – – to remember to bring your invitation – – 

Lots of games to play – – ans lots of real good prizes – – all selected just for the person  – – that should  WIN – – as ALAN has a good idea… of exactly what each person coming to the party …LIKES and will want to  WIN!

So… be sure  to  R.S.V.P. – – and plan on having a real good  TIME – –  as that is what a “BIRTHDAY PARTY”  is for…   The more we get excited – – the more we know you are going to enjoy  – – and will have…  so much FUN!

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