“Just “ONE” more DAY…”

“Tomorrow….  is the “BIG” day  – – and as you can see I can hardly wait – – – Will tomorrow … ever get here???” 

Alan 001

“Does everyone feel so excited – – like me – – just the day before the “BIG”  day… my “BIRTHDAY” – – when I will be one year older…  than I am today.”

“I’m crossing my fingers and my toes – – for lots of GOOD  LUCK  – – just so all of my friends and FAMILY will have as much FUN – – as I know that I will.”

“You know… when you are my age  – – and it is BIRTHDAY  TIME – – there is so much excitement going on – – decorating the house – the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” sign stretching across one side of the wall – to the other side – – – and all the  BALLOONS”  – – and inside each balloon is a ticket with a prize number – – to be matched with the matching PRIZE on the  PARTY display table – – as …we believe that everyone that comes to the PARTY – – should also have FUN – – by winning a PRIZE – – to take home – –  – – that is a for sure gift to take home.”

“Also… GRANDMA will be here for the PARTY – – she always has a list of games and silly things to do – – as she likes for everyone to participate in having FUN – – doing some of the silly things… that will have everyone having so much – – that the Laughter will be heard down on GRAND AVENUE – – that’s her   standard saying – –  so…  only if you know  GRANDMA – – will you have an idea – – of what she is up… too?”

“Everything  is ready for the PARTY – –  Be ready for lots of FUN and GAMES!”

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