“Remembering the MAN in BLUE!”

With all of the events going on  TODAY – – just had to post this PHOTO of “LEE ALDRICH”   a POLICE OFFICER in the NORTH Saint LOUIS  – -district 5 – – and if….  I say so my self – – one of the best men in BLUE – – because he is the MAN that I married.


It is easy to see that this is a very old PHOTO – – but I just LOVE him so much – – and I feel that all the women in America – – that are married to a Police Officer – – feel the same way about their husbands. 

Each Officer takes a risk when they must go to  the scene of   a disaster – – –  no one knows – – what is happening  – – everyone feels like an injured party – – each person wants HELP – –  and each incident needs a thorough investigation to determine – – what and who needs the priority  assistance and immediately. Some Officers  with more on the job experience – – can see  similar things to past   occurrences – – and just know who to respond to first in  this situation. Always keeping in mind that  the medical people on the scene will take care  to save each person – – to see death at a scene in the worst possible thing – – one ever  wants to be remembering.

Since I also worked  for  the  Police department – – I have always seen men and women – – trying to do the most that would  resolve a situation – – and always doing that which was necessary for the “GOOD” welfare of all the people…  needing their HELP.

This remembrance of LEE ALDRICH  – – is because he will be having a BIRTHDAY on the First of August – – and since he is no longer here on earth – there will be a big PARTY for Lee in HEAVEN!

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