“Injured POLICE OFFICER makes a change”

After  Lee Aldrich  served as a  POLICE OFFICER and Detective on the Saint LOUIS  POLICE Department – – having been injured  – – needed to take an early retirement – – so what to do??

Lucky to have a younger brother, Al Aldrich…  associated with the DOBBS HOUSE Snack Bar restaurant business  – – and they were going  to open up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – a SNACK BAR – right across from the BROWARD GENERAL Hospital  – and so Lee and I decided to take the challenge and work together – – and the Photo below shows the two of us – – all ready to work.

Lee & Ellen 001

During the HIGH SCHOOL… I worked at different restaurants – – so I did have  the “KNOW HOW” to serve customers with their order of good food – – and also … the importance of cleaning up. One thing in the restaurant business in having the place nice and clean – – and always ready for customers. The main thing at a SNACK BAR – – there are twelve stools for customers – – so when they come in to eat – – more than likely – – they are in a hurry – – maybe this is their LUNCH time – and they can not wait too long for the food to be served – – they need to be back to work and on TIME.

So… to keep the customers as  good  “return customers” – – you want to serve in a very polite manner – – getting the order taken correctly  – not having them wait – get exactly what they need to enjoy their meal –   so that they are very  well satisfied. One thing that  as good worker needs to – – is to be sure the dishes are being cleaned  and plenty ready to be used for the next customer. Lots of little working jobs  – – that after awhile – you can do so fast – – you even surprise your self – – with being a very worked.

Just another memory of the LOVE of my LIFE – LEE ALDRICH.

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