This is one of my favorite Photos of my husband, LEE ALDRICH – – the Detective… working out of the 5th District – – Saint Louis, Missouri – – late 1950’s.


When Lee Aldrich  – – the LOVE of my LIFE died in 1967 – – there was one thing that I was worried about… “Will  our children forget him and how he looked – – because they are so young?”

So this is what I did. Every PHOTO that I could find – – and after searching though so many old and newer PHOTOS  – – the above PHOTO is the one…  that I liked the best.

At that time – – there was a department store that I did lots of shopping and always liked the merchandise that they had and their PHOTOGRAPHY department  at the downtown Saint Louis location is where I took the above PHOTO. I did have a couple of other PHOTOS – just in case this one was not good enough to use.

What I wanted – – was for this PHOTO to be enlarged as large as possible – – to take out all of the background in the photo – – and to do it in color – – so that when you would look at the finished   enlargement –  –  you would see my husband as he really looked. They asked me about all of the coloring of everything – – in a couple of weeks they gave me a call.

When I went to pick up the finished PHOTO – – I could hardly believe my eyes – – “They made a real “ART TREASURE” of this project – – and had it in a frame – – which looked so good – – all I could think was – – that the ALMIGHTY – – sure did direct the hands of the artist that put this all together.”

When I brought  Lee’s MOM out to our house – – to see this photo of her son – – hanging in the entry foyer of the house – -she almost had a heart attack – – this PHOTO looked so real to her – – she almost thought  that  her son, LEE was alive!

LEE is always … right there in the entry foyer area – – he   welcomes  …  everyone – – and looks so good!    Lee’s birthday is the   First of August!

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