This is one of those PHOTOS – –  that only the ALMIGHTY – – had plans for me … to be able to remember… “the LOVE of  MY LIFE” – – since only our CREATOR knew – – that “LEE and Ellen forever”  written inside my wedding ring – – was not to be.


“MY LOVER” as you can see  – – was in the newspaper – – could have been in the Saint Louis Past-Dispatch – –  and I would so often read  “BEN BURROUGHS’ SKETCHES” – – because … his writings always have important messages to all of his readers!

Try to read the above words… think about them… I will bet that you too… will feel that this same message applies to you  and the LOVE of YOUR LIFE! After reading these words… there are some  phrases – – that sound as if  “BEN BURROUGHS”  had at some time read “SONG of SOLOMON” – – also a message of LOVE to LOVERS!

That is one thing that we do not know… how much TIME will we have  TODAY – – to enjoy a full LIFE with the one you LOVE.  

August 1st is Lee’s Birthday – – and it is almost here!

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