“Is Everyone … Back in School?”

This Photo has one of my very  favorite teachers’ –  that is “Sister Mary Alvira” –  and this is her class of students at German St. Vincent Orphanage.


This Photo may have been taken in the 1980’s – – as Sister Alvira in wearing the newer type of  style of Nun’s Habit as it was called – –  and if you ever get to see some of the older styles of “HABIT” – – the Nuns would wear – – were just so heavy and full of layers  – – and the head gear  would  cover so much of the face – – that all you could see of the Nuns face… was eyes,nose and mouth.

With this newer style of garments to wear – – must be  easier to  get ready for the day’s work.

“Sister ALVIRA” was the 5th and 6th grade teacher   – – when I was in her classes and I did enjoy having her as a teacher and friend. Sister Alvira had been an orphan and she with her sisters and brother were also in the same Orphanage as children. Four of the girls…  decided to enter the same convent  and as the youngest of the family “Veronica” became Sister Mary Alvira  an a teacher – – and  – – she was a very good teacher.

In the days when I was there – – we would gather into the 7th and 8th grade class room to rehearse the music and singing of the songs that we would be singing in Church. Sister Alvira had a very distinctive voice – – she was an alto and there were very few of the Orphans with the same Alto Voice and they with Sister Alvira…  would be together in Sister Gilbert’s class room  for better harmony –  – – and Sister Gilbert was the one to play the organ  – – so that we would have the music – – so that she would know  that we were all singing in the “key” to make the best of the songs. They both had a very good “ear” to hear which of us were singing off “key” –  – and who would want to do that?

Just thinking about that organ  that Sister Gilbert played – – she must have  really had strong legs – – since that was an organ that you had to pump with your feet … just to get the beautiful music to come out  – – a real worker of leg exercise.

Back in those days – – we did receive a very good education – – in fact if you were really paying attention – – you would fly through your   first    year  of  HIGH SCHOOL – – and the teachers had us learn enough to carry us well beyond – – – we spent more hours daily in school and if you did not have work to do on SATURDAY – – you were  also in SCHOOL … all morning – –  so there was  no way for you to do poorly – –  come to think about it – – “No one complained about going to SCHOOL!”

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