“Dial ‘O’ for your local OPERATOR!”

Everyone knows that when you dial  ‘O’  for OPERATOR… you will receive a  “voice with a smile” – – and just so you can put  that “voice” into a picture as to  maybe someone you know… just thought that I would post the photos I have  for three other young ladies and myself. 


The above PHOTO is of me  – – and was taken within the first year of my learning to be a “Telephone Operator” – – and I do look fairly young – – as when I started to work – – was not eighteen years old and did have to secure a worker’s permit and promise to not  quit  – –  when September rolled around to continue with the last  couple of months of High School.

The reason for taking this PHOTO – – was that I had found this material with little telephones all over – – and just thought that I had to buy enough material   – – just to make a blouse that I could wear to work. Of course lots of my friends at work liked the idea and the blouse – – and when wearing this blouse to places other than work – –  I could go into detail about working for the “Telephone Co.,”

Just in case … you caught the PHOTO in the frame above the mirror – – that is me as a baby.  My Mother told me that, “One day…  I was playing outside and my Father came home in a  big hurry…  just grabbed me and rushed off in the car – –  saying he had to hurry.”   Evidently there was a “BABY CONTEST” going on… and he wanted to have me –  entered in… by having my PHOTO taken. When we return home,  later on – – my Mother told  my DAD  – “You could have at least let me clean  “Mary Ellen” up – – and put nice clothes on her!”  So… was my MOTHER – – ever surprised – –  when the Photographers Store  called  – – that  my parents …  could pick up the “Blue Ribbon” for me.

Movie Stars 001This PHOTO  – – above is of  three of the other young ladies that started working for the “Telephone Co.,” with me – – – there were two other girls – – but… they  were not around when I was taking photos. If I was to find and check my  old note books for the first four weeks of training  – – that we were in together – – I might find the names of these girls – – as we did even go to a couple of places to dance in the evening and we did have each others’ phone numbers.

One other memory … the young lady on the right of this PHOTO – – was not able to make dresses from patterns – – but – – as  I did like to sew and was able to make some of the clothes that she wanted… she  bought materials and  patterns for a variety of different  out-fits – – and I was happy to do the sewing – – I was able to make use of the lessons I had  taken  – -and had fun to doing something different. These were the days – – that we did not have “TV” – – and were able to do lots of things – – that people do not have time to do today … with the “TV’ occupying  all of our time.

If you think you know any of us  “OPERATORS” – –  just take the time and leave a message in the comment space.  Thanks!
Your friends will LOVE you!

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