“In the Beginning… Thomas Brady came to America”

This…  PHOTO of Thomas F. Brady was taken near the end of his LIFE – – he was still working for the Saint Louis Police Department and according to my MOTHER… he was a most honorable man.


Thomas Brady came to AMERICA from Ireland. As the story goes… where he lived in Ireland… they did not keep track of their birthdays like we do today. So… when he arrived at Ellis Island to be processed… they ask Tom  as to his age – – not really knowing…  but,  to be sure that he was eighteen years old… he was asked to  reach over the top of his head and touch the bottom of his ear on the opposite side. Having done that… he was  then…  declared to be  eighteen years old.

When I first heard that story – – I almost died laughing – – because…  I believe that I was around fifteen years old – – and I was able to stretch my hand and arm  – – up and over to the opposite side of my head…  and touch the bottom of the ear – – so not even  being eighteen years old – – when I went out to apply for a job – – they told me that you have  to be eighteen – – and  so…  I told them  that I was eighteen and did get the job. I was happy to look older – – when it came  to getting work – – and… also  being tall  did help me  look old enough for the work.

My starting out with this  PHOTO of my GRAND-FATHER, Thomas F. Brady is  just leading to something important coming up soon – – and as most good stories – – one does have to have a great start  – – as all of the stories I write are for the “GRAND-CHILDREN” – – so that one day they can put all of this together in a book of memories – – so that they will know their ancestors as far back as I have been able to collect and research for  information – – and photos that just might be of interest to them – – come the day that I will not be here to answer the questions…  that – –   they may have.

My GRAND-FATHER became a naturalized citizen of the United States of America in the year 1866 – – October 15. which was a MONDAY – – and that was five years after coming to AMERICA.

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