“MOM” has her hands full with all of us!

“Every year another baby – – looks  like “MOM” has her hands full – – with all of us – – but as I remember “MOM” was the best of Mothers’ – – as we always came first – – no matter what!

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Back…  in the day  – – when our MOTHER was a young girl – – she did want to be a “Kindergarten Teacher” – – but in her Family – – being the thirteenth child and the last…  and her parents getting older – – they wanted their daughter, Marie to be their personal care-giver – – not to have an out side position – as a teacher  and not even to go into the Convent – as the Bishop of the HOLY   NAME    CHURCH – – came to their home to request  – – but…  only received a – –  NO WAY   will she leave us.

Since my MOTHER – – had a real LOVE to READ to us, children – – just the  same as she would do…  if she were a TEACHER – – I remember some of the stories that MOM would read from her BIBLE.    ONE STORY…  of the three young men who were thrown into the fiery furnace   – – their names as she would read them – – just tickled my ears… to hear – – as the  names were like none of the names for children – at least none…  that I had ever heard…  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were three Jewish young men.

So… just in case… you have not heard this story – – thought that…  I would add the story – – but this reader  – – reads nothing at all like my MOTHER would read to us. “MOM” would put so much into every word – – that as I remember we would  – – just sit… “spellbound”  – – just waiting to hear something  more – – it was like a magic time  to hear…  so spectacular – – we could hear this story – – over and over again.


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