Every one has a PHOTO of someone  – – or maybe even of their own self – – at a special time – – or event – – that the LOOK – the DRESS – – or maybe even the occasion –  is just exactly the only way – – our brain… remembers – – when we say that “PERSON’s NAME!” 

Tom's WD 001

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Left to Right…DENNY Jr. – his wife JUDY McClarren – Aunt IRENE RILEY – her younger sister MARIE McClarren – and her son, TOM McClarren – – and this is at a wedding reception for TOM  – – and I am guessing his wife and new Bride, ROSE is taking this PHOTO.

At the time of this “wedding” – – I was living in Florida – – so…  I was lucky to receive some PHOTOS – – and this one is a favorite of mine – – in that the suit that my MOTHER is wearing … is one that I always thought she looked so cute and since she was so small – – It is really remarkable – – that she had such tall children.

Tom was the tallest of us, children – – as he was “six foot” when he was in eight grade – – and later grew another couple of inches – – DENNY… was close to “six foot”  –  and  –  –  I was “five foot six and a half inches” – – and to be tall – – sure does help – – at least I always thought so – – could always get that which I would be reaching for.

When  ever… I am  just thinking about my MOTHER… and even when I might be talking to someone about her… I am mentally  seeing “MOM” dressed – – just as you see her in this PHOTO  – – – this suit was made just right for MOM!

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