When I… was  reading these “FACTS” – – the one that really caught my eye… was the one about the  “PENNY and the NICKEL” – – and that it costs more to make these coins – –  our “SMALL CHANGE” – – than the coins are worth!

So…. when you read this short article about the “PENNY and the NICKEL”  – – – maybe … someone should suggest to the “MINT MAKERS of AMERICA” to make some changes – — the “PENNY” could be called the “NINE CENTER” – – so when something sells for $0.59 – – you could pay with a half dollar and a “NINE CENTER” – – or even two quarters and a “NINE CENTER” – – or five dimes and a “NINE CENTER” – – as so  much that is for “SALE” … always  has a NINE cents tacked on.

The good old “NICKEL” could be called the new “TWENTY    CENT”  piece.   Save a lot  of room in the pocket book – – only “5” NICKELS will equal “ONE DOLLAR”  – – instead of 20 NICKELS – – HOW’s that for a change in our money – – or what we call “SMALL CHANGE” – –  this is only because there  is   NOW  more value in these coins – – than they are worth!



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