“This sure will scare you…”

“This sure is a “double exposure” if ever I saw one!


Sometimes… you can get carried away with doing some silly stuff – – like making a “costume” for Halloween – – in hopes to WIN a PRIZE – – and dress up or maybe even in a  crazy  ridiculous  fashion – – in such a way – – you would not want to be caught dead – – looking so ridiculous!

Either this PHOTO is in some kind of double exposure —  or a   shadow —  just to make one give a second thought about what they are  seeing – – as I am now looking at this – – can not remember where this was – – but someone wanted to take a quick photo –  as I do not even remember where this place is. 

When I made this out-fit – – in order to go to some place that was going to give a prize for  “best” costumes – –  – sure did not want something that everyone would be wearing – – so made my own cape, hat to match cape  and that very special black gown –  and my own special black bag to match – – how do you like that small broom to fly around on???

It may not show too well – – but I even have a very long NOSE – with a wart on it – – just for a good profile PHOTO. The hat was also made from scratch – – with left over materials – – and just the right size to fit over my wig.

With my dancing partner – – we were able to win a couple of prizes – – as I also made his costume – – he was dressed  as… DRACULA – – and could he dance up a storm!

“My wish for all… is to be able to…  DANCE UP a STORM – – at your HALLOWEEN PARTY!”

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