This “WITCH” – – with her same basic “OUT-FIT”  – – but coming around for another year – – just to see if she can get her “Dress-Up ACT”  – – good enough to scare someone?

If you ran into this “WITCH” – – would you feel scared? Do you think that she grew that long nose – – with a wart on it – – for telling too many  “tall  tales” outside of school?

When it comes to “FAIRY TALES” – – there was a little boy  – – that would tell “tall tales” – – so often that  his nose grew and grew – – so that everyone would know – – he told  “tall” stories – – so wild – – that you just could not believe him – – and looking at this old “WITCH” – – she may just have that same problem – – too many tall tales!


Each year for Halloween – – way back and when – – I wore a different outfit for this “NIGHT” for collecting treats – – and each year…  I would use a different broom – – – each year waiting to see if I could get that broom to give me a free ride? Do  you know that this old “WITCH” – – trying a new broom – – just to see if any had any magic  – – to give an old “WITCH”  — a  FREE  ride through the “night time”  skies   –   – – and always ended up using  a travelling vehicle – called the automobile!

This “WITCH” – – has problems with  the  “automobile” – – she was told way back and when – – that there was an “automatic automobile”  – – but when she tried it out…  it crashed!  – Find it and read that story – – you will understand  more about this  ole “WITCH” – – And do not laugh…  too loud – – I will hear you – – and just may join in with you!

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