“Let’s All Share Giving THANKS – This WEEK!”

Is this “MR WONDERFUL” and wife ROSE – –   – – Have to give TOM and ROSE thanks…  for this terrific PHOTO – – to share – – and just remember  – – he is…  my baby brother – – 


This next  group of dinner guests – – all together to celebrate some very special occasions in their  lives and  the  two are seated next to each other… can you guess “WHO THE TWO ARE” – –  Family get to gathers…  are so much FUN – – you can tell… by looking at all of  those big smiles!


When “YOU” have exciting “PARTIES” and extra special meals – – at this time of the year – – Let us never forget to say “THANKS” to those that work in the “KITCHEN” – – You  would never…  stop to think – – that those “WORKERS” in the KITCHEN – – –  “WHO”  work so hard… and  could you  also believe that  – – just one of those “hard workers”  – – could be related to you!

5-10-2011 105720 AM“Do you know “WHO” that very “hard worker” is?”  “Send your answer in – –  we would  like to know – – if we are correct and if “YOU the “READER”  can tell by looking at this PHOTO!”

“Be sure to send your “THANKS and Compliments to the CHEF”  of your choice this week – – that is one way to receive a second helping  of the good stuff!”


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