“HAPPY BIRTHDAY to “LITTLE LEE”… and many more….”

Lee 3 001

“This is the best TIME… for a “BIRTHDAY” – – I get to blow the candles out several times – – as my MOM has to reset the camera – – after each PHOTO –  – each TIME that I blow the candles – – I am suppose to make it look like the first TIME – –  everyone is waiting to get the “CAKE and Ice-Cream – – and so am I!”

Fireman Lee 001

“BIRTHDAY TIME” – – this is just so much FUN… just let everyone know the kinds of “TOYS” – – that I would like – – and for your “BIRTHDAY” – – everyone you know is bringing you all kinds of good toys – – just for you to have more FUN – – than ever before!”

Dad & Lee 001

“WOW” – – “When the “BIG BIRTHDAY DAY” comes to an end – – the very best part of  it  is…  that “TIME” when everyone has left for their own homes – – and then when it gets to be that special TIME for little “LEE” – – that is “me” – – is going to get ready for bed!”

“This is one of my “FAVORITE PHOTOS” – – Just to be held in the arms of my “DADDY” and so LUCKY like my DAD – – and everyone would call me” little LEE” – a chip off the ‘old block!! – – Our nick-name “LUCKY LEE” – –  is  one name I like to hear – – as my “DAD” only lived a few years more – – after this PHOTO was taken!”

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