“The PARTY… is OVER!”

“Every “youngster” want’s their own “PONY” – – and here I am with my very first “PONY” – – and … am I ever so…..HAPPY!” “It is DECEMBER and my BIRTHDAY!”First Pony 001

“Now…  that I am older… guess hat? – – Now…  have  horse …  can ride – –  and she has a beautiful  little colt – – that we just LOVE – – they are so beautiful and just what I always wanted – – when I was  young and growing up!”


“Do I look like “SANTA?”

“What was… is again… WE do that which we LOVE to do!”

“Looks like  – – I am NOW doing – – that which my “GRAND-FATHER” did for me… “Walking the “GRAND-CHILDREN” around – – slow and gentle – – with constant instructions – –  there are so many things to learn to do – – and just to be  safe and to make sure that the “GRAND-Kids” will remember… that is…  when…  they are old enough – – someday… I will have my very own HORSE, too!”

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