“CHRISTMAS DAY” starts with everyone in CHURCH for MASS – – then we change into the play clothes – and run to our assigned jobs – – and work till the bell rings for us to get to the “Play Room” – – fall in line for the Dining rooms – – and stand at the table where your family has been assigned – – but if you have no brothers and sisters – – no one but yourself – – you could be assigned to a table of other children (in the same situation)  – – and if the oldest child is a BOY  – – then your family will have their meals  at the assigned family name table in and on the BOYS SIDE of the building – – and the same works for the GIRLS dining room – – and since I was the eldest of our family – – we had our meals in the GIRLS dining room.

Our FAMILY table was along the wall  – – which was the front of the building – – and the dining rooms were in the basement. The  “Marie Anna family table was the first in this row – then our table McClarren – and next Dillard Family the middle row started with Mary Igoe family  and the next table was the Patricia Perkins family – – and the third row of tables and families left no  permanent impression  – – on my very young brain –  – – as there were lots of kids – – but I just did not know them as they could have been so much older  –  and I was a fairly new person here? This  day  was the only day of the year that we would receive an orange – – but all I could wait for  – -was the call that my parents were here to take me HOME!

After breakfast and finishing the assigned chores that I had to do – – as everyone had somewhere to be and working – – back to the “play room” where our lockers were and the change of clothes – – that we would be wearing home. So – – I would wait as my brothers would also be waiting on the Boys Side – –  and after their chores  and then getting dressed and just as patiently waiting for someone to open the Play room door and call my name – – and did I ever run and hurry – – as fast as a little  nine year old girl could go! Had to run up two flights of stairs and down the long hall – – to the “Entrance of this building” – and they had  a large “Visiting Room”  on the right side  of this corridor – – and that is where my parents would be waiting for all three of us – – before we could leave.

Last minute do’s and dint’s from one of the NUNS and the Nun in charge of this area… was SISTER ADELINE – – she kept that area under a very  close watch – – no one got past her – – maybe she expected someone to let someone in the building – – without her permission???

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