“CHRISTMAS DAY” and we are finally at HOME with our PARENTS – – enjoying one  wonderful meal and dessert after another – – and just being in the house that we lived in – – before going to the ORPHANAGE – – there is just no better feelings and memories – – than to  be a FAMILY again – – and not  be called by your “NUMBER” instead of your NAME! Our numbers were #78 Denny – 79 Tommy and # 91 Me – – and my friends # 10 Betty Musgrove – #29  Violet Peiffer – #90 Stella Santoya  and #92 Betty Weisenberger  – – and so many more – – but now that I am older – – I’m guessing we are “all”  only a  “NUMBER” – – everything has a number – everything that is made and all manufactured items can be found by their number – – there’s  just a special “NUMBER” for everything – – and without that NUMBER – – you are just out of business!

Talking about “NUMBERS” – – there were a number of days that we were to be at HOME with our parents – – for this CHRISTMAS vacation time – – and then we were to be brought back to the ORPHANAGE.  But… “RULES” are to be broken when it comes to my FATHER.

As long as we were all together – – and we were enjoying the days running into weeks and then into months – – what in the world would we want to leave our happy time – – all of us being HOME – – as we used to be. I know that we had a telephone – – and can not remember any calls coming in to my parents to upset them – – regarding our still being at HOME with them. Also… back then – – the “MAIL-MAN” delivered the mail twice a day – – in the morning and afternoon – – that is something most people alive today – – would have  no memory of – –  as  the mail is only delivered “once”  today!

Back then… my DAD would send a telegram – – when there was something important going on – – and we did not receive any telegrams – – regarding  – our having to be back at the Orphanage. Before we ever went to the Orphanage – – – – when my DAD was working on SHIPS  – during the WWII  years… in Vallejo, California  – he often sent us telegrams – – so…  I was  now older – – and if such important communication came – – regarding our being absent from the Orphanage – – I would have been right there  and at the door – – to know what was going on – – I always was a little on the “nosy” side.

So… we were HOME for all of JANUARY and the better half of FEBRUARY – and of course CHRISTMAS  DAY and the last of DECEMBER – –  – we did not have any school – – as Tommy would have been in first grade – – and Denny in the second grade – and I was in the third grade – – so maybe we missed out on something – – but who cares NOW – – too late to worry about missing school!

All “GOOD TIMES” do come to an end – – and sometimes – – even an unhappy  time – – as I was crying… when the COURT system sent a “car” out with a social worker – – someone to pickup the three of us – – and take us back to the ORPHANAGE. Something like this  leaves  permanent scars on the brain – – we were all so happy – – and then – have to be divided up and sent to a place where we were not happy at all – -and having to be returned like this – – just made for living in the Orphanage even worse than it was before.

*********now – – –  is when you find out – – what LIFE is really like… ********

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