“CHRISTMAS VACATION” ends in Disaster”

Remember… “Moderation in all things and activities is the best medicine for all – – just a day or two longer – will end up in complete DISASTER!”To be mindful of the moderation is all things – – I have read some verses in the BIBLE…stating that same thought – so…as an adult – – I have tried to remember that – – because,  I know first-hand  – – that you will loose so much more – – when good times last…  too long.

As the elder of  the three McClarren children – -the social worker taking us back to the ORPHANAGE – – was directing all of the reasons that we were going back – – our parents were at our house – –  no room in this car for them – – so I heard about how wrong it was for us to be at home with our parents – – all this time when they should have brought us back. The more – – that I had to listen to her –  the more that I was crying – and so choked  up –  could hardly say anything in their defense – – and that we were having FUN – – and we were enjoying every minute – and that we all wanted to stay home longer and forever.

Back at the ORPHANAGE – – for a little kid – -I felt like a “CRIMINAL” and that I had leprosy…  or some weir disease? My brothers went to the right side of the Orphanage… the BOYS’ side of the building and I went to the GIRLS’ side and to the PLAY ROOM… where everyone was at that time of day. Went to my “LOCKER” to hang my coat and put my stuff that I was bringing back  – – and someone else now had my locker – – while I was at home – – the lockers were re-assigned and everyone NOW – had a new locker location. So the Nun in charge told me where my newly assigned locker was – – and if was empty???

So… I was asking everyone where was my stuff???   Where was my “CHRISTMAS PRESENTS” that I received for CHRISTMAS?  “Where did my “BRIDE DOLL” go?”  AND… “Where are the letters and mail that I have been saving…  that my Mother sent to me?  The special “Birthday Card”   that I received from my FATHER – –

“” Mary, Mary,       quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells and cockleshells
And pretty maids all in a row.”

And … there  was a special “Christmas edition of WOMEN’s DAY magazine” that my Mother had just brought to me on the last Visiting Sunday – – that had so many  things that I was looking forward to making and reading – all gone!

I was everywhere asking and looking for my new “BRIDE DOLL” – -it had just disappeared – – no one knew where it was – – but –  I know that one of the NUNS – – must have taken it – – because…  I searched  every locker in the “PLAY ROOM” – –  so when…  that day comes – – when all answers will be made possible – – I would just like to know  – “WHO”  in the world – – just had to have the  old “WAC WAR doll” that my “Aunt Irene Riley”,  took to the “Doll Hospital – – had it gone over and restored  to brand NEW condition – – and even had some of her  very own “keep-sake” hair  –  from when she was a “young girl ”  – – made into a wig – – into beautiful “Banana CURLS” – – the white “Bride”  clothing all made special  – – this was something…  that I would have treasured… forever!

Now… I had an empty locker – – nothing personal anymore – – everything gone – – and I know what I had – – and no one throws away valuable stuff – – someone knew the value and took it …  and that  happened the first day that we did not show up – –  after the “CHRISTMAS VACATION”- –  someone  wanted my stuff and saw a good  opportunity  and NOW a way to take it – – so…  I just hope that they enjoyed it.

It is funny – – when you stop to think of your road in LIFE –  –  You are here and then somewhere else for a while – –  and usually on all of the cross roads and stops – we leave behind some of what we thought important – – but –  after awhile down another road –  we start to accumulate stuff – – and along that path – – we find that it is easier to TRAVEL – –  without  a heavy sack of stuff –  – that only makes our TRAVELS – –   a tad harder to move   FORWARD!


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