“Apparently – there is a “PAUSE” in the “CLAUSE”

“Do not… forget the “LOOK” on this Cat – – – because…  if  “we” come back as … “CATS” – – remember … to look for the “CAT” that looks just like this “one”  – – “It will be ME” – – give me a chair and the newspaper – – and I will be happy – – forever…  in one of my “NINE LIVES” with you!”  *********  “Be a “DEAR” and do NOT… Forget!”



Apparently” *********   “Apparently” ********* “Apparently”Displaying

“Since I am a “MAC” – – Apparently… No ONE sent me the MESSAGE… Apparently – – it was not too important a MESSAGE  – – to notify me… that  as the …  “OLD MAC” that I am – – should support WINDOWS – – Apparently… WINDOWS being supported by this old MAC… was not important???  ********* Apparently something should be done!”

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