“Old Photos and even OLDER PHOTOS”

In this month of   “JANUARY” … it sure is good to look at some old PHOTOS – – – just to see if what you are looking  at… is better NOW – – or would you say  – – that the even “OLDER”  – – has promise … to be a real “KEEP SAKE!”



The models used by Grant Wood for his famous painting, American Gothicâ.

*********                  *********                  *********                  *********

Now….    this next PHOTO is  a later copy of the above.

Just seeing this in color – – does put a “DATE” stamp  – – for the TIME – – and add to that the dress attire – –  When you think back – – the dress code even for “FARMERS” back then – – how did they keep from passing out  – – due to all  of that “HOT ” weather – – ????

When TOM and ROSE are out  posing in their up-to-date attire – – you know that they are going to be working longer hours – – making sure that each and every beautiful flower gets just exactly the correct amount of  water and special fertilizer – – the good stuff that makes for “Prize Winning FLOWERS” – each and every year!

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