“My Brother, TOM F. McClarren” the “Paratrooper”


“Do You Fear Falling?”   “TOM… Could you really…  just throw… ‘your-self’… out of an  AIR-PLANE?”


This is Thomas F. McClarren –  82nd Airborne Division – U.S. Army – the last of the McClarren Family  that I have pictures of that  did  join and serve  and  were “LUCKY” to return home! To be a “Paratrooper” – I’ll just bet that…  the “#1” question you are most asked would be, –  “How can you jump out … of a perfectly  fine flying airplane – are you not afraid of falling and getting hurt?” — Tom is the one in our  “FAMILY” –  that would be asking someone downstairs something  –  and before you could turn to answer  – there he was – –  at the foot of the stairs? Never could figure what there was about  “TOM”  –  that caused him to fall out windows and down stairs –   and never got hurt doing so?   I’m guessing the “GOOD LORD” was saving  “TOM” for the big jump of his  “LIFE”  … out of  our U.S.  Government… “AIR-PLANES!”

This Memorial weekend and all this coming week –  let me send this... “Salute”   – to all  of our ARMED FORCES – a prayer  to Almighty Yahweh – to bless and protect our young men and women  – until they can return home to their “LOVED” ones –  “Send Love  to all our Loved ones who are making great sacrifices!” D.V.

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