“The ‘Old Gal’ isn’t what she used to be”


“Senior Citizens” – – “sometimes need some good advice?”


“If you see “ME” – – Make sure that I am walking…  in the direction of HOME!” ********* “Thanks”

OLD AGE                                  JOKES or HUMOUR FOR THE                                  CHRONOLOGICALLY GIFTED - Your choice!:                                  My Grandma Started Walking Every Day:


Crap.                                  The old lady fell and she can't get                                  up. Who's gonna feed me now?:

“WHO… will feed any of us – – must make plans… NOW… to survive!”

Retirement gift:

“What in the world is the  longest lasting “SNACK” date of expiration     – – – –  sure do not  want to FIND …old expired SNACKS – – if and when – – I will need  – – to be restored to a “NEW LIFE” – –  reply … soon as possible!”  ***********  “THANKS”

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