Remembering – – generation to generation – – Looks like smiles on the faces – – say that…  “this is the DAY the ALMIGHTY  hath  MADE” – – “Let us all rejoice and be glad!”

In these PHOTOS… it is the smile – – that speaks a thousand and one words – – a child with his FATHER – – is the best HAPPY TIME medicine  – – that a child can receive.

Daddy, Al is holding baby Jaime, and little Alan  sharing a seat with little Alyssa.  More… FUN TIME – – when it is with the ones you LOVE the mostest – – brothers and sisters with their DADDY!

This is baby,  “AL sitting on  “DADDY’s”  right side of the rocker – – and from the looks on their faces – – they are having so much FUN – – this is just the best PHOTO of a DADDY and child enjoying so much silly stuff – – that they  photograph so well… catching the enjoyment on the film.

On … the left side of DADDY  – – but to us looking at the photo …the right side – – is Lee,Jr., – – and he – – just being a little older than little Al, – – is getting a big kick out of the silly stuff that is going on – – and he is allowing his little brother have as much “silly” FUN with DADDY – – as Lee … has so many wild  stories he could tell – – as almost everyone in Fort Lauderdale, Florida knows “Little Lee” as the kid that rode his over sized “tri-cycle” up Highway One – – just a regular “little”  traveler.

Well… in the beginning… there was “ME” – – Mary Ellen – – that is me standing on the right in the little white dress. That is our DADDY, Denny H. McClarren with DENNY, Jr., standing  – – and the baby in our Family…  is Tommy.

You can see “WHO” the comedian is in our FAMILY – –  TOMMY the youngest… could get away with more foolish FUNNY stuff – – and nothing ever seem to get him into trouble. Denny is more serious as a middle child – – he gave to TOMMY, when he came along the spot of being the spoiled child – – there must be something to that “Child Order” stuff. And of course, as the oldest – – I am to be seen and not heard from – – but,  to be always looking out for my brothers – – and keeping them out of trouble.

Here we are… in the “FAIRGROUNDS PARK” in North   Saint Louis – – where everyone would go – – for all kinds of FUN – – FREE – – sorry there was a charge for the swimming pool. BUT… within walking distance – – and we would walk there – – without our parents – then I was in charge… one day we were there and TOMMY… almost drowned – – lost one of his shoes in the LAKE — -can you imagine…  what happened to ME?


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