“Aunt Irene Riley…PHOTOS FOUND”

Thanks to Jill… for reminding me the other day – – that there was an old PHOTO of “AUNT IRENE” in the house on  “Fenway  Drive” – – she was sure that  is where she had heard of our Aunt Irene – – having never met her – – but remember so much of us talking about an AUNT IRENE – – and if the PHOTO – – that she remembered was still available?

The above PHOTO was inside the frame  and under the PHOTO – – that you see below – – and I am showing it first… because – – that is the face I remember best.

This is the PHOTO of AUNT IRENE – – and it with several other framed PHOTOS – – which were packed for moving so many years ago – – well how does someone look for “stuff ” to hang on the walls – – when the walls just are not suitable for hanging…”your prize winning arts of OLD!”

These “PHOTOS” were taken… and this is my thoughts… the chair that “Aunt Irene” is sitting in…  is a “FAMILY HEIRLOOM” – – there is a MR. and MRS. chair – – and IRENE is sitting in the “MR.” chair and this is the old tapestry material – – some time later Irene had re-covered —  these chairs were “WEDDING GIFTS”  to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. BRADY  – – I do not have the WEDDING date available – – but  the year 1875 – – would be a good guess.

The “PHOTOS” on the table next to where Aunt Irene is sitting is her husband, Wm. B. Riley  and their one and only son, Bernard Riley.  I believe that they also celebrated  at least “50 years”  marriage as did  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas  BRADY.

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