“Ask – Receive – Can Not Have”

When you are around ten years old – – there is one thing that you will do – – and that is to “ASK” for things that – – you would like – – and feel that by asking – –  you will have fun – – and of course those children in your school class would also enjoy, too.

As an Orphan – – you did get to go home for a couple of weeks visit – – always hoping that these “Visits” would be permanent… but seems that each time – – there is a return to Orphan Home. – – But on one such visit home – – you were in the basement to help to  do the laundry – – and of course being a nosy kid  – – you spend a lot of time looking through baskets of stuff since there is the possibility of maybe finding something you would like – – and just maybe you would be allowed to take to the Orphan Home – – when you have to return – there. 

“WOW” – What a wonderful find. It was hard to believe – – that  there were three or four baskets of records – – and they all looked like they were in good shape – – so I just had to “ASK” if I could have? – – “Well … there is no record player for these records to be played on – – but  – – if you want these – – you can have them – – but wait until we can purchase a record player – – first and then we will bring the records out to you.”

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After a week or two  – – of having returned to the Orphan Home – – it was almost this same time of year. School was out and when our  daily chores were done for the day – – I would spend a lot of my free time on the swings – – as you could sing and swing and see all over everywhere

There I was on the swings and a couple of other girls – – singing and swinging as high as possible when a very large truck was pulling into the side drive-way – – and then pulling onto the playground — and then parking near the kitchen entrance. A man got out and went into the kitchen and so a couple of us girls got off the swings and walked over to see what was going on – – since we did not have many deliveries coming to the HOME  this way  – – as there was a front entrance available – – but the size of the truck may have been the problem.

It sure was good – – since I heard my name mention by the driver to the NUN working in the kitchen – – and he had this very large box – – and the store name  sending this – – was FAMOUS BARR – – from the downtown St.Louis area – – which would be where my MOTHER would do her shopping.

Naturally – – I was not allowed to have this package – – I was told to have my MOTHER to come and see Sister Florence – – when the next Vising Sunday would come – – as they were sending this record player back to the Famous Barr Store. I was told that this Orphan Home was no place for a record player – – as everyone would be throwing records all around and breaking the records just as fast as they could – –  so  – – I almost just felt like  dying – – could not even have what I had ask for – – so… will just have to wait for the next Visiting Sunday.

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