“Mary Ellen…Younger than SPRING-time”

Some old PHOTOS are just so old – –  and … YET SOMETHING ENTICING…  ABOUT  THEM – – 

Should they be kept forever…or like this one…

Since there are books on the table – – I could have been at home – – and doing the work for classes – – as I worked at night – – while going to Harris Teachers College right after the night shift ended at 7:00 a.m.  – – and on some days at College – – my first class was GYM – – and that is where I did learn to stand on my head.

Then too… I did start to teach  High School at Sophie Barrett – – – and could be preparing my class work for the students – –  or with the spread of papers and books – -could be correcting papers. – – Teaching at an all “GIRL High School” was FUN and  well worth the effort – – working with lots of GIRLS – – and I wasn’t much older than the oldest of the students – – in my classes.

Those were for sure  – – the days when I had very high levels of energy – – lots of   “get-up  and go” – – and where ever it  “got-up and went”  – – I sure would like to get a second dose – – for the miles  ahead — for the roads ahead – – for all the  harder than ever ventures… that are calling me – – for  one  more big   “Hoorah!”     or if  and as  the     Marines say “Oorah!” – – I did sign up for the MARINES!

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