“Gene Patrick” – “DJing for Bowling Green Airport”

“When you want some excitement… when you want to KNOW … what is going on… when you want to KNOW… the “PILOTS’  NAMES   and the Aircraft   making all of those maneuvers  in the SKY above – – 

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You want  our special friend, GENE PATRICK”  at his special broad-casting  booth – – that you see – – all set-up  – – to keep everyone on the ground – – just as HAPPY – – as if they are  also … UP  in the “BLUE Skies”  and falling out of a perfectly good flying…  AIRPLANE.”

“Whenever there are days – – that need to have some real “LIVE” and on the “SPOT” – – NEWS of what is going on … on the “AIRPORT Field” – – and  – or …  all of the activity in the  “AIR SPACE” above and surrounding the Airport  – – and  with just  the right amount of music – – and  with the sound  effects of the Planes  – – and   everything  to keep all “VISITORS” on their toes  – – –  then “GENE”  is the “DJ” to call .”

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