“Little Marie Brady… BIRTHDAY…TODAY”

Number… 13… is LUCKY – – for some people?

Would   “YOU” consider being LUCKY – – if you were the    – – “13th”   child to be born in an IRISH FAMILY?

Here sits “Little Marie” with a very surprised look  – – probably wondering – – “What in the world is all of this   commotion  for?” “I’m sitting here… all dressed up like (Lady/Mrs.) Astor’s pet horse”  – – being the second girl in the BRADY FAMILY and fifteen years younger – – than older sister, Irene- – – what a LIFE – – has already been mapped out.

Two of “Little Marie’s” older brothers were already married – – and when  a FAMILY with lots of cousins – – so many were thinking that surely … this  ‘new baby’  has to be one  of the older sons’ – – surely …Mrs. T.F. BRADY is ‘too old’  to still be having more children? But in those days – – lots of children – – meant wealth – – and you may have to be wealthy – – since…  that is a lot of mouths to be fed.

With all the history of the “SMART-BRADY” Family – – no one really knows  exactly why we all  are a part of a much bigger “plan” that was destined  for our LIFE here on  Earth – – but –  it is our duty – – to find…  seek and search out the “TRUTH” in this LIFE – – and what is the ultimate  “PLAN” for believers… to follow.

When one stops to think … about LIFE – – “Your very OWN LIFE” – – there are lots of roads – – leading to places that seem so right… but- – one must “STOP in their tracks”  – – take some time to investigate – – where does all of this lead me – – to what end will I find  in TIME – – is that the “reward” that was promised by our CREATOR – – am I  on that narrow path that may be difficult at times – – hard times – – here and there – – but with the TRUTH – – just must continue on with the WORD.

“Happy Birthday to the best  “MOM”  – – I know YOU are in Heaven”

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