“Grandpa… Thomas F. Brady”

On the back side of this “Post-Card” Photo… in my Mother’s handwriting is “Age 85” and next line is  “Dispensary Dept.” the last employment he had – – was for the “St.Louis Police Department.

AND… Just to compare  – – here is Mr and Mrs. Thomas F. Brady – – and  he is much younger on this PHOTO  and from Ireland – – and Anne Elizabeth Smart-Brady is from England.

Here is the  “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Brady” – –  My Mother’s…  “MOTHER and  FATHER” – – and when they  were  married  – – and –   all of  the time –  that they were married – –  ANNE’s MOTHER came to live with  them! – – This must have truly been a very blessed FAMILY – – as  just – –  how many  young men  – – do you know –  that will  “WELCOME”   the “MOTHER – in- LAW”  –  to be a permanent   FAMILY member – – and  – – they must have had a very happy  relationship – – as they all lived  long lives – – and  in to their 70’s and 80’s – –  something  to think about???

“Inquiring Minds”… always want to know – – so if you are…  up to date … in “YOUR” reading  of the BIBLE – – you will find that the “Fifth  Commandment” (the 5th) gives a promise – – –  to truly LOVE and Respect your PARENTS – – and you will receive a long LIFE!  –  “SO” –  If you can do that – – You will find that you will LOVE and be CONTENT with your PATH here on earth – – finding enjoyment in all of  the  plans our CREATOR has  “HERE” –  – for you!   LET… “Moderation   –  in everything – – – be  the “KEY” WORD!”

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