“Do I have GOOD NEWS… to TELL”

“2017” – – Put that number down in your  ‘BOOK’ – –  This is one number bearing “GOOD NEWS”  for us two older citizens in this PHOTO!

In…  this PHOTO of  GREAT-GRANDMA,  Phyllis Ferris  –  –  and of course myself, Mary Ellen – – – just thought  – – that I should declare to the world – – that I have to change my old title of  a plain  ‘ole’ “GRANDMA”  to the next position … going up – – to… soon…  be called a “GREAT-GRANDMA” – – since one of my “GRAND-CHILDREN” – – are doing the honors of  expecting a baby shortly after the first of the coming New Year…2018. “WOW”… “WOWeee”

Just … a second thought…  since “Phyllis is already a “GREAT-GRANDMA” – –  do we add another “GREAT” – –  and introduce her as … ‘This is “Great – GREAT-GRANDMA, PHYLLIS”… because…in the BIBLE is states that you will see your children’s… children – – as a special BLESSING!

I believe … that the BIBLE also states … ‘to count your BLESSINGS’  – – and when doing so – – do not forget to  give… PRAISE and HONOR to our Almighty Creator — –  and that means to remember to give some  “THANKSGIVING”  – – for the wonderful GIFTS – – that we receive – – and not to be as those … “nine out of ten”   –  that forgot to give a  “THANK-You”  for their healing – – for only the  “one out of the ten”  went back – – so from that equation… Who do you think will receive more BLESSINGS?D.V.     


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